Sensory Deprivation Tank Purchase


1、Leakage protection
2、 heater overheat protection
3、pump idling protection
4、timing function
5、 ± 1 ° C cabin thermostat function
6、 Bluetooth connection music function
7、atomization system
8、fresh air system
9、Water treatment system: EPA level 1, warranty of 200 water cycle times


1、100% pure acrylic cabin
2、Acid and alkali resistant heater
3、Injection molding water tank
4、Double insulation
5、Medical grade UV disinfection tube
6、1 micron PP cotton filter
7、PLC control system 10-inch touch screen
8、Acid and alkali resistant pipeline
9、IWAKI water pump
10、Cabin lights, ventilation fans, stereo
11、232nm UV disinfection



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