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Digital Design & Development Agency

We are a web and mobile design and development agency. Making websites and apps, creating brand identities, and launching startups. Our goal is to help companies build relationships with their customers online through great design and technical performance.

Mobile Apps

User Experience

VIsual Design

App Development

Design just need $99

There’s a purpose to web and app design and we’re experts at creating the stunning visuals that work. For example, many of our clients came from the world of art. Our UI/UX design skills helped to monetize their platforms better. We’ve redesigned a website for Proko, an online drawing school, rebranded CGMA, a professional CG art academy. We create meaningful brands by tailoring design strategies around business needs, including logos, identity systems, icons, mascots, and more.

Our Design & Development Process

Why custom design is important
Your app or website has the potential to become your most important marketing asset. For that, it should accurately reflect the nature and philosophy of your business and no ready-made template is capable of that. Our clients make use of our app and web design services when cookie-cutter solutions no longer cut it and get tangible results and boost their audience experience.
Without a unique concept, it’s very difficult to unlock the brand’s potential, create and control a planned internet presence. Professional UI/UX designers, experienced at exploring the meaning of design and its different applications in different contexts, can help create your consistent story and do it fast and beautifully inside and out thanks to a solution-based approach and tested design process you can look through below.

Strategy & Research

A visual appeal must come with a purpose. First, you need to identify market trends and consumer behavior. We combine engaging UI elements with clear-cut actions to create an agile experience.

Applying feedback & improvements

We diligently study our client’s business goals, entangle them into the interface, and create a user experience, while staying sensitive to the feedback at all stages.


Next comes the phase when using the research data and having gone through multiple iterations, adjustments, and refinements, we come up with a visual prototype ready for the initial review.

UI design & UI kit

The technical part of the app or web UI design is arranging all the assets, tools, styles, fonts, patterns, and color schemes into reusable and handy kits of interface elements to be used while designing your website or app.

What We Build For


Food & Drink




Sports & Fitness 

Real Estate 




Case Studies

Business/corporate websites

One of our specializations is making marketing websites and landing pages for small businesses and established companies that help to tell brand stories, increase conversion, and build trust. All beautifully adapted for mobile devices allowing a consistent experience across desktop, iOS, and Android.


Our principles

We apply the following principles to have a shared understanding of our professional design services and approach. They act as beacons and help us create quality products and always deliver expected results ensuring that your investment in design is worth it.

Deep understanding of user needs

Above all expectations in usability, interaction, functional, and “catchiness”, lies the ability to read users’ minds and predict their intentions. Understanding what users need from the product or service you are building is essential to its success. That, we believe, is the core of User Experience Design.


What We Offer

Our mission is to help companies create strong bonds with their customers using our expertise in design and development.
We help brands defy by producing web and mobile solutions that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are effective in fulfilling their purposes: to grow your business, to appeal to a specific audience, to get funded.

Mobile App Development

We have tremendous experience developing for the web using Ruby on Rails (our primary web development tool) and other popular frameworks and can create for you a high performance and secure web app with rich functionality.

Full-service website development

We are looking to modernize, reinvent, and refurbish web development with cutting-edge technologies, methodologies, and development trends. Our integration of third-party services allows you to benefit from the entire industry talent, hiring web developers with a proven track record of success.

Custom web application development

We have what it takes to leverage any startup idea, whether that be an e-commerce platform, an artist community website, or a line-of-business web application. As a professional web design and development company, Shakuro delivers quality built code with endless growth opportunities.

Branding and identity design

We create branding for the companies that want to express, not impress. A brand is not a product, it’s a customer’s gut feeling about the product. For us at Shakuro creative agency, designing a brand is building a journey from awareness to long-term commitment.

Logo and identity system design

Logo design does not equal branding. A logo is a tool for reaching brand recognition. We rely on thorough research followed by religious iteration to give your brand its exact, versatile, and beautiful image with the help of logo design that’s a perfect match for your business.

Brand book

Visual simplicity comes at a price of solid groundwork. The previous stages deal with creativity, ideation, and metaphors. This stage is pure engineering. We produce professionally-constructed logical non-casual brand books explaining the thought process behind every decision.

Custom animations

Motion elements made a long way from being just decorations at the dawn of digital design to something that brings value and improves usability. Animations and micro-interactions are a great way for a brand to visually communicate its message to the consumers and make an app UX more interactive. We make cool animations that are useful and functional, that control and hold user attention, quickly explain the idea, help to navigate, and lead to actions.


Custom graphics took the world of product design by storm in recent years. They are a powerful branding tool able to go beyond the limitations of photography and communicate, explain, connect, guide, and delight in a superior way. Shakuro design agency creates illustrations that forge and maintain corporate identities and help to stand out among competitors while making products easier to understand.

UI/UX design services for startups

A startup is a company that operates in conditions when a solution is not obvious and success is not guaranteed. Design plays a vital role in an establishment of a new product and acts as a way of thinking that helps to showcase its functional and aesthetic qualities, get noticed, and provide a foundation for future changes. For startups, we also have the Conceptzilla service that can bolster your startup on a lean budget by providing affordable app concepts in a matter of days. It’s quick and costs only a fraction of the industry standards rate.