Nap Pods & Private Sleep Pods


In today’s society, sleep is a precious resource. In the fast paced world we live in, long work long hours followed by personal and family responsibilities push us through each day without the time to relax or take an afternoon nap. We must actively and intentionally seek out daytime napping. This is where sleep technology like nap pods come in.

More space-saving than a nap room, yet comfortable and private, nap pods at work are a great way to improve health and wellbeing, minimize sleep deprivation and increasing the wellness of airport travelers and spa clients.

A versatile solution that will go well with almost any industry, including healthcare, airports, offices, and mission-critical operations.

Productivity: Several large studies point to the fact that sleep deprivation costs businesses millions of dollars each year in sick days and lessened productivity. A pre programmed 20 minute power nap increases productivity, creativity, and overall perseverance.

Health and wellbeing: An increasing number of businesses choose to install office nap pods due to the positive effect of naps on employee health and wellbeing. These include better mood, less stress, and less risk of heart disease.

Space efficient: Both nap pods and sleep pods have a unique advantage to capsule hotels and nap rooms in that they can be easily moved. This makes them a sustainable investment for businesses. A nap pod is a versatile asset that will follow your business for many years to come.

Attractive: Nap pods are considered an attractive office perk. By giving employees the possibility for a short, energizing rest during the day, businesses can not only increase their productivity but also set themselves apart in an increasingly competitive job market.


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