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Our RAGONT Workpod is known as a phone booth, work pod, conference pod, audio pod, music speaker or instant pod. All office pods are soundproofed and equipped with our stools, ensuring employees have a quiet environment to focus effectively on tasks
RAGONT Workpod has the advantage of being easily dismantled and reinstalled in the new office.

1. Space Optimization: Office Privacy Pods are great for making the most of available space within your workplace. They allow you to transform an underutilized area into an efficient private workspace or meeting room

2. Noise reduction: In an open office environment, excessive noise can cause serious disruption. Office Privacy Pods provide a quiet, enclosed space to focus on work, phone calls, or meetings, helping employees stay focused and productive.

3. Meeting flexibility: When traditional meeting rooms are booked or unavailable, meeting pods provide a convenient option. They can be used for impromptu discussions, video conferencing, or private conversations without disrupting the entire office.

4. Privacy: Office units offer a level of privacy that is often lacking in open office layouts. They are ideal for confidential discussions, performance reviews, or sensitive tasks that require isolation.

5. Modularity and mobility: Many office units are designed to be modular and mobile, allowing you to quickly reconfigure your office space as your needs change. This flexibility saves renovation time and money.

6. Increased productivity: With fewer distractions and a dedicated workspace, employees can increase productivity and overall job satisfaction. Office pods help create an environment that supports focused work and effective collaboration.

7. Private calls and meetings: RAGONT Workpod is ideal for discreet, low-distraction private calls and online meetings. It ensures there is no interference with Wi-Fi or phone connections.

8. Personal work, reading or study sessions: When you need a quiet personal space to work, read or study, the RAGONT Workpod can maximize your productivity and focus.

9. Video or audio recording sessions: The RAGONT Workpod Noise Reduction Panel reduces external noise, making it the ideal environment for video, voice or music recording.

10. Entertainment gathering: RAGONT Workpod can be transformed into a karaoke hall, where you can sing happily with friends without worrying about noise interference.
product information
RAGONT Workpod is a versatile and adaptable solution for creating private and productive spaces in indoor office environments.

Sound-absorbing sound-absorbing panels
Light and ventilation switches
36W energy-saving LED ceiling light
Built-in desktop
International power outlet with USB charging port
Internal ventilation fan
Security locks and door handles
High quality non-slip carpet
Thickened tempered laminated glass


Single-person Office Privacy Pods (1 person)
Single is a place where you can take calls without disturbing the office, without leaving the house, or work on your laptop without distractions.
1000 width × 1000 depth × 2150 height
Collaborative Office Privacy Pods (2-4 people)
Collaboration rooms provide a space to hold private meetings with your team or collaborate quietly without the noise of the office.
2200 width × 1200 depth × 2150 height
Meeting Office Privacy Pods (5-6 people)
The boardroom is suitable for larger teams and larger projects and is equipped with screens for meetings and presentations.
Delivery throughout New Zealand. For the rest of New Zealand – please contact us for a delivery and installation quote
Export preparation: RAGONT Workpod is a certified item that can be exported overseas (if you want to import/export overseas, please consult our customer service


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