Nursing Mother Pods ADA Mom Pods for Breastfeeding



Four-layer sound insulation structure of cabin body is installed
Cabin 36W*1+ 6W*4 LED light natural light central lighting system
Quiet ventilation system in cabin
Suitable for 100V-240V/50-60Hz power supply system
Five-hole socket with USB *2+ dual switch
Frame size: L1500*W1200*H2330mm
Inner space size: L1330*W1044*H2025mm
Bulk wooden frame size: L2.33*W0.84*H1.69m Net weight: 372kg

Mamava is committed to changing breastfeeding culture. As the creators of the freestanding lactation pod, Mamava provides breastfeeding parents with a private, dignified and comfortable space to pump or nurse – whether at work or on the go. The free Mamava app helps breastfeeding parents find thousands of nursing spaces and unlock Mamava pods (available for iOS and Android). Founded by women, Mamava is a proud B Corp that designs, manufactures and assembles nursing pods at its manufacturing facility in Vermont. Founded in 2013, Mamava has supplied thousands of lactation pods to organizations including airports, hospitals, stadiums, schools, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. To learn more about Mamava’s complete product line and lactation support resources, visit and follow Mamava on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

BTV South Terminal features new Mamava breastfeeding stools and redesigned pods.

The BTV South Terminal features new breastfeeding stools and redesigned pods. The pods are located in places with high numbers of people, such as airport operations centers, government buildings and places where organizations want to recruit and retain women, Mayer said.

Sasha Mayer comments:
Kristin and I are so excited to celebrate our 10th anniversary at the beautiful new terminal at Patrick Leahy Burlington International Airport. Thank you to Nic Longo and team for being so accommodating and willing to give us a chance 10 years ago and for giving us another chance when we tried out another new product.

Mamava was born in Burlington because of the connections of community and the traditions of innovation, justice and caring at the heart of the Vermont way of life. We partnered with Michael Jager to incubate the business at the design firm Solidarity of Unbridled Labor. While working with clients like Burton Snowboards and Ben and Jerry’s, we decided to address a problem we’d experienced ourselves, which was the lack of design infrastructure for pumping and breastfeeding. We learned from other businesses in Burlington the value of bold optimism in launching new business, and the power of brand and design to change hearts and minds.

It was through community connections, and conversations with Gene Richards (Michael’s neighbor) that we were able to place the first unit 10 years ago. We had no business plan and no official manufacturer, just a basic website and a direct phone number to contact me. The Free Press picked up the story, USA Today picked it up, and put us on the front page of 3 million newspapers the next day. This small airport became the first pollinator of a great new idea.

Since then, a fleet of 182 pods spread across 76 airports has served as additional pollinator for more than 4,000 pods across the country in locations as diverse as hospitals, factories, stadiums, military bases and schools. Each pod is a totem of our mission to support breastfeeding.

Over the past 10 years, our mission has also been supported by legislation, including the Mother-Friendly Airports (FAM) Act, the Mother-Friendly Airports Improvement Act (which requires all airports to have lactation spaces), and last year’s signing of the PUMP Act, which significantly expands employees’ rights to workplace breastfeeding spaces under federal law. Mamava’s success proves that good public policy can be good for business.

Of course, we wouldn’t be here without the talent, passion, belief and creativity of our community, from local investors willing to take risks, to our amazing colleagues who make pods in Burlington and Springfield, Vermont . These incredible people have overcome some of the toughest business challenges and come out on top, in part because they believe our mission is too important to fail. We are very grateful to all of you.

Thus, breastfeeding initiation rates increased from 73% to 83% over 10 years. Increased breastfeeding rates mean health benefits for mothers and children, and can save millions of dollars in medical and nursing care costs each year. We also learned a lot. This new unit we’re launching here today was developed based on parent feedback and offers a more comfortable bench for mom, a jump seat for her companion, new locking technology integrated with our app, And being lighter and easier to install makes it possible. It also brings a better experience to our customers. Our designer Katrina Weigand developed the graphics and worked with local artist Bethany Andrews Nichols to create custom prints on the interior of the pods. We’re excited to show you, but before we do that, I want to send a message to Steve Jobs because we have one more thing to share.

We are constantly working to raise awareness of breastfeeding practices and recognize that there are as many ways of feeding as there are parents and babies. It has never been about hiding breastfeeding, but giving it the intention it deserves and celebrating it with designs designed specifically for it. So today we are also launching a prototype of the Mamava Breastfeeding Stool. The unit allows parents to sit comfortably and with some privacy, but primarily provides a designated space with a line to the terminal while minimizing disruption to the baby. We believe that providing visible support for this area of care will help continue to change the culture by showing that breastfeeding is for everyone because breastfeeding benefits us all.

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Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 12 × 45 × 23 cm


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