Lactation Pod Mamava XL Nursing Mothers Room Mamava Nursing Pod



Best for public venues or larger workplaces. Designed for wheelchair accessibility.

Parent approved.
Facilities friendly.
Simple installation, quick compliance, and easy maintenance

Wheelchair accessibility
Flush entry, 60” turnaround, and grab bars for wheelchair accessibility.

Flexible interior
Replace the second bench with a built-in cabinet to fit a compact refrigerator or use for storage.

Easy to move
Caster wheels make it easy to move the Mamava XL as your needs change.

Custom graphics
Broadcast support for breastfeeding in your brand voice with built-to-order or fully custom graphics.

Quick solution
Installs in 4 hours. No hardwiring—just plug it in.

Legal compliance
Features to meet safety codes and lactation laws.

Trusted service
Expert guidance, installation options, and service plans.

9’5” W x 5’4” D x 7’9” H (Includes pod and antenna height)

50 sq ft

900 lb

36” door swing (recommend 60” clearance in front of the door and 18” clearance on the latch side)

Shipping crate: 4’5” W x 8’ D x 6’ H I 1,085 lb

Requires 8’6″ ceiling clearance for assembly

Front and back wall panel made of aluminum composite material (ACM) with a foam core

Curved side panels made from scratch-resistant expanded polyvinyl chloride sheet (EPVC)

Front and side direct-print graphics (customization available)

Perforated roof pan made of aluminum composite material (ACM) (Enhanced Privacy Panel available)

All food/hospital-grade surfaces with rounded corners for effective sanitation; no fabric or upholstery

Two (2) 40” wide, built-in, acrylic composite benches. 400 lb weight limit

Single bench model available to fit compact refrigerator (18.25″W x 18.25″D x up to 40″H) or storage compartment

Large acrylic composite counter (two 19″ D x 37″ W end pieces connected by 9″ D x 36″ W middle piece)

Two (2) dual receptacle hospital-grade outlets and 2 USB ports

Built-in shatterproof mirror made of reflective coated aluminum composite material (ACM)

Aluminum coat hook holds up to 25 lb

Four (4) UL Listed, occupancy-activated lights, adjustable with the Mamava app

Two (2) UL Listed ventilation fans provide 42dB of white noise and are capable of air change rates of at least 35 ACH

Aluminum floor pan with vinyl covering

Deadbolt lock with exterior occupancy indicator

Order + Delivery
1. Get in touch with our team

Submit a request for information and a Mamava Account Executive will reach out to learn about your facility, make recommendations for the best pod(s) to fit your needs, and share pricing details.

2. Place your order

Select your pod(s)—along with graphics and add-ons—then we manufacture your order at one of our U.S. facilities. Pods can ship in as little as two weeks. (Custom graphics and built-to-order pods require additional production time.)

Note: We do not offer international shipping. Your team would need to coordinate with a U.S. Shipping Consolidator directly for shipment.

3. Prepare the space

Be sure the pod fits the space, has a flat surface, is in an area serviced by your HVAC system, is close to an outlet, has privacy from overhead, and is convenient to users.


4a. You’re done!

Our team of trained installers will arrive on site with the pod and assemble it. You’re all set!


4b. Receive your pod

Your pod will arrive unassembled in cardboard boxes banded together on a wooden pallet. XL Shipping Crate: 4’5” W x 8’ D x 6’ H | 550 lb

Additional information


Black, Green, White, Beige


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