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Our RAGONT Workpod is known as a phone booth, work pod, conference pod, audio pod, music speaker or instant pod. All office pods are soundproofed and equipped with our stools, ensuring employees have a quiet environment to focus effectively on tasks
RAGONT Workpod has the advantage of being easily dismantled and reinstalled in the new office.
Export preparation: RAGONT Workpod is a certified item that can be exported overseas (if you want to import/export overseas, please consult our customer service

Artisan Office Pods sells our best-in-class office pods through resellers around the world. If you would like to work with Artisan Office Pods, please submit a quote request and we will certify a reseller in your area. We are office pods, conference pods, and even phone booth suppliers/manufacturers

Artisan Office Pods manufactures and sells Indoor and Outdoor Office Pods to provide meeting space and breakout areas for office, commercial, healthcare and educational workplaces or campuses. Our office pods are dynamic in style, exceptional in quality and deliver a purpose that is now aligned to the new ways we want to meet, work and learn.
Independent dealers have enjoyed exclusive discounts. Their physical products can be customized, so few customers feel unsure about mixing their own furniture. Let’s become a furniture dealer together!
Artisan Office Pods business partners come first and offer support for any request, priority shipping, and more. Business can be smooth sailing because you can place orders, track shipments, and reorder using our digital inventory platform.
We are dealer types, furniture distributors, furniture stores, architects, designers, online furniture stores, etc.

Modern Office Furniture Private Work Pods Solutions Manufacturers, Suppliers and Factory. We’re proud to launch our latest product, Office Pod, designed to revolutionize the way we work and collaborate in the workplace. Office Pod is a versatile, dynamic solution that solves problems that can hinder productivity and creativity in traditional office settings. This innovative office furniture provides a private and soundproof workspace that can easily be placed in any open plan office environment. Office Pod features built-in lights, power outlets, and ventilation to create a noise-free, comfortable environment for focused work, private conversations, or virtual meetings. Our experienced team of designers and engineers worked hard to ensure Office Pod was not only functional, but also beautiful. Made from high-quality materials and featuring a sleek, modern design, the Office Pod adds a touch of sophistication to any office space. Artisan Office Pods creates solutions that increase productivity, collaboration and creativity in the workplace. With Office Pod, we believe we’ve achieved that goal. Please contact us immediately.

Questions and Answers on Meeting Pods

Q. How Much Do Meeting Pods Cost?

A. Of course, the answer is “it depends.” As a top manufacturer of Meeting pods, we offer a range of Meeting pods from small “phone booths” to much larger “meeting pods.” They come in a variety of styles and materials. Contact us for a custom quote to learn how much Meeting pods will cost for your installation.

Q. What is a ‘Meeting Pod?’

A. Of course, this is a pretty basic question. But our sales staff can evaluate your needs and explain the best modular office or modular pod solution that meets those needs. A ‘meeting pod,’ in general is a modular small office that is embedded within an open office or a warehouse. Some are “soundproof,” but that begs the question of what “soundproof” is? It sounds like the complete absence of sound. But that’s not correct. Our meeting pods can be made to be “ sound resistant” and help both the users and the persons outside the pods to not hear distractions and noise. Even in a noisy “open office” or “open warehouse,” our meeting pods can solve your noise issues.

Q. How Do I Work with n Meeting Pod Manufacturer?

A. We make it easy! While we work in a modular system, we can customize your meeting pods to our specification system. Reach out to one of our design consultants to learn which meeting pod or set of meeting pods will work best for your company . We offer a broad range of modular meeting pod solutions.
Application scenarios
Our phone booths can be used in a variety of different locations. For example, in a library, it can provide a soundproof space for readers seeking a quiet reading environment, and in an office, it can provide a secluded environment for employees who need to make private phone calls or video conferences. In shopping malls, a quiet space can be provided for customers who need a short break or need to make a phone call. At train stations or airports, spaces can be provided for waiting passengers to rest or make phone calls. These are the application scenarios of our phone booths


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