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We have established stable cooperation relationships with several foreign furniture traders.

We have many years of production and design experience in OEM and ODM of office furniture and office furniture accessories, providing OEM/ODM services to several foreign trade companies

Our conference pods can be used in a variety of different Settings. For example, in a library, it can provide a soundproof space for readers seeking a quiet reading environment, and in an office, it can provide a secluded environmental meeting for employees who need to make private phone calls or video calls. In the mall, a quiet space can be provided for customers who need a short break or need to make a phone call. At train stations or airports, waiting passengers can be provided with space to rest or make phone calls. These are the application scenarios for our phone booth

Why Choose Us

Design your own Pod

We can custom build our pods to match any design requirements or dimension specifications that you require.  If you want a pod to be customised to your own criteria, we offer a wide variety of fabrics, graphics and laminates for you to choose from, as well as providing full corporate branding solutions to ensure our bespoke office pods are tailored to your satisfaction.

What we offer

Office Pods For Home silent-booth interior color swatch Interior with 34 color options

We offer up to 34 color options for the interior color of the silent pod,far more than the maxium of 10 colors offered by most manufacturers.We allow customers to truly choose the color that suits them, and we have stock for each color.Whether it’s and office pod for home or a soundproof office pod.our colors are suitable.

Our inerior soundproof panels have a thickness of 12mm and density of 7kg. These acoustic panels have passed SGS testing and have excellent sound insulation effects. the surface color is very uniform and testure is very delicate.

Whehter at home or in the office.our silent pod can provide you with a quiet and comfortable working environment.


White color 10 days producution lead time,other color 15 days production lead time
White exterior office pods have stock.but for the interior acoustic panel color,we provide 34 color options for customers to choose from. if choose the white exterior pod we can delivery within 10 days.

For the pods if without stock, or need to customize color,we need 15 days for production lead time

We provide customize service During our sales, some cusotmers want to customize some working pods according to their own needs. For example,some customers may need larger pods to meet their space needs or add some features to enhance work efficiency and comfort.

Customizations like smart door locks and motion sensor switches are uused to increase the technological feel of the phone booths,enhancing user experience.


How long will it take to install the conference bay?
The time required to install a phone box of different sizes varies. Below are details about the installation times of our products.

A single phone booth. Our phone boxes are designed in a modular manner, making installation very simple and convenient. For the two workers installing our products for the first time, the full installation takes about 30-40 minutes.

A phone booth for two. Our two-person phone box is 500mm longer than the one-person phone box, but the depth is the same size as the one-person phone box, so the number of spare parts is the same. Again, for two workers, full installation takes about 35-45 minutes.

Four-person phone box and six-person phone box. Because the volume of a four – or six-person phone booth is much larger than a single – or two-person phone booth, there are 1/3 more spare parts, but the installation method is exactly the same as that of a single – or two-person phone booth. A single phone booth. According to customer feedback, if three workers install our product for the first time, it will take 60-75 minutes.

In addition, our products come with very detailed installation instructions or installation videos. Before installing, you need to read or watch our installation video carefully.

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