Write chinese press release or advertorial and distribute to media in china Price package



Press Release Distribution Like No Other!
✅ No hidden fee, translation on us!
✅ Pay as you go, no membership fee
✅ Publish to REAL news sites
✅ Niche Press Release channels
✅ Best one-on-one service via Email

What’s better than hiring a professional? Hire a group of professionals! We are a group of Chinese localization experts based in Shanghai who dedicated to provide the best quality, value and service to meet your needs. What makes us stand out? Professionalism and Quality!

TLDR: The purpose of this service is to write you a professional press release or advertorial and distribute it on various Chinese media outlets of your choice.

There are 2 steps in this service – writing and distributing.


For the basic package, you will get a 800-word Chinese press release or advertorial, written by our professional writer.

We also work with a few selected newspaper editors and professional marketing writers. For just a bit more, you can hire a newspaper editor or marketing writer to write your press release or advertorial. Contact us for pricing and get a list of what we need from you to start writing.


We work closely with more than 800 Chinese media outlets. Contact us for a complete list of available media outlets.

We also offer various deal packages. Whether you are looking for a package for “Hotels & Travel” media, “Lifestyle” media, “Investment” media, or other categories, you will find it here.

Publish of Sina, Sohu, QQ, Baidu, toutiao,Zhihu,qianlong,China.com+2 custom industry top(8/10)

I can also customize GIG for your industry. Please consult me



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