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Hi, this is Emily, with more than 15 years experience in Chinese news reporting and public relations in media and brand department in different industry. I have lots of resources to make the articles release to more than 25000 media including website, newspaper and social media, which will attract the attentions from the target audience from different level. I am mindful of capturing the news angle that will not only captivate local audiences, but also serve your business objectives. I can propose a media mix that aligns with your style and targets the right audience.

In this project you will get:

At least 3 100% Baidu news indexed
Further promote brand image and reputation in China
Get Chinese news media to get better rankings
Subliminally influence customers, promote sales and increase website traffic or visibility.
Please contact me before placing an order.

Please note, the service above has not included article writing.

Premium chinese press release write a 800 words chinese Press , Distribute to 10 High Rate Sites,BAIDU Result/News INDEX guaranteed


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