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Professional editors write professional news or Paid news for clients. In line with the local culture and language habits, it will be easier to impress consumers and investors.

Media editing groups and multilingual experts provide articles writing or retouching services to customers. Most of the news is disseminated through the Internet. The reader’s time and concentration are limited. These editors use professional sentences and words to convey the brand and the integrity of the brand. The advantages of the product.

The editors of Greater China have rich experience in writing press releases and have extensive marketing and word-of-mouth operation capabilities. It’s easy to buy a piece of news with public relations and expose it in multiple media, but the real market competition is not limited to point-to-point competitions. The true value of these professional editors is to attract readers to read and increase search engine indexing opportunities.

Give customers the most professional editing services. All news releases are personally edited by senior text editors to guide press releases and coverage of topics.

The population of Chinese in Greater China is about 1.2 billion, but their language varies greatly in different regions. For example, “Project Manager” is known as a “項目經理” in China and is called a “專案經理” in Taiwan, but the “項目” refers to the “item” for people who use Traditional Chinese. “Miss” is called a “姑娘” in China and Taiwan is translated as “小姐”, but “小姐” is an indecent word in China, “姑娘” in Hong Kong and Taiwan mean girls who can’t keep up with trends.

Through WPR2 integrates global and various language media exposures to achieve consistency in content and reduce the exposure time difference. It is suitable for global brands or brands that are ready for transnational operations.

Consider network exposure strategies, optimize search engine search ranking, and increase brand traffic. Professional editors put keywords in the title and news content to make everything more effective.

In previous eras, news media were dominated by big companies and entered the Internet era. More people or small companies had access to news media.

Our clients do not need to spend a lot of money to hire copywriters, public relations personnel, advertising experts, we provide professional press release channels, professional editors, multi-language experts, to create more of your business value.

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