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Press Release Distribution Like No Other!
✅ No hidden fee, translation on us!
✅ Pay as you go, no membership fee
✅ Publish to REAL news sites
✅ Niche Press Release channels
✅ Best one-on-one service via Email

We publish news on most influential Asian news sites:

China 10 sites plan may include: Topic News, Baidu, Toutiao, 163 NetEase, Tencent, Dayu, Sogou, Zhihu, Yidian, At Press News

China 30 sites plan may include: The China 10 sites plus: Sina, 360, iFeng, Jinse, East Money,, Xueqiu, Sohu, Ctoutiao, Finance Online, HC360, Hexun, WeChat Public, China News, Huoxing24, Btb8, CSDN, Linux China, FOB Shanghai, Weibo, Aotter PR, PCHome, CMoney, Ofweek… and more!

In case the mentioned media is not suitable to publish your press release, or due to technical reason the site is not able to publish, we will choose from the optional list instead.


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